AuthorcodeIndia provides some of the best Airfreight Management Systems for businesses and corporate requirements. The transportation of various packages that are being handled in the same manner to increase the efficiency of a service is broadly covered under co-loading. The Airfreight Management System compiled to form a system that allows to easily handle such shipments to their destination is the co-loader management system. The construct is similar to that of a freight management system but the interface provided by AuthorcodeIndia is a much easier one. They have succeeded in developing a wide range of Airfreight Management System in India. They have catered to some of the most renowned players with their excellent Airfreight Management System.

In a freight management system, multiple goods are transported through the same shipment and the Airfreight Management system defines the best utilization of shipment timings and space to optimize the efficiency of the service. Co-loader management system rides over freight management system to statistically define the easiest route while tracking the transport and calculate the timings of deliveries. AuthoucodeIndia has always been known for the easiest and sophisticated design of the software with immense data calculating capabilities.

Some of the major advantages of having a Airfreight Management Systems at your worksite or the shipment site are Tracking, On-time Delivery, Optimal space utilization, Multiple shipments with precise departures and Huge coverage in short amount of time.

AuthorcodeIndia has been assisting many of the key players to develop their Airfreight Management systems to achieve 100% efficiency through software in package shipments.

Air Freight Software

We have wide range of products. Some of them are-


  • Flight Wise Booking and e-Doc print
  • Import Entry
  • Export Entry
  • Online Tracking
  • POD Entry for Delivery
  • Forwarder name and number entry


  • Customer Billing
  • Agent billing
  • Transhipment billing
  • Discount Calculation
  • Invoice List
  • Unbilled Report
  • Slab Wise and Per Kg auto rates
  • Flight Wise rates
  • Xray, CDC, TSP, GBR , Awb Chagres

Cloud Based Application

  • Centralized Data Base
  • Multiple Branch Login
  • Fastest Inscan And Outscan
  • 100 % Data Security
  • Live Tracking

Mobile APP

  • Booking With Mobile App
  • Inscan With Mobile App
  • Outscan With Mobile App
  • Delivery Entry
  • POD Image And Sign Upload

Live Track Customer Portal

  • Mis Report In Customer Portal
  • Invoice List
  • POD Image Show And Download
  • Pickup Request


  • Online Docket With Barcode
  • Barcode Stickers Print
  • Inscan With Barocde
  • Outscan With Barcode


  • Complete Customization
  • Customized Reports
  • Meeting Your Requirements
  • Customized Forms
  • Customized Dashboard