The support solution is provided by AuthorcodeIndia on the tracking of a courier to make it simpler and easily accessible towards both the ends. The functionalities of Online Courier Management System Services are very useful when it comes to knowing the exact position of the cargo or the courier that is to be delivered. A Courier management system is very necessary for corporates or business owners to keep a fine knowledge of the arrival and the delivery of the goods.

Courier management system work through various modes and one of the major influences in any such system is logistics software. It make the complete process hassle-free and automated. The software generates the necessary two-way platform that assists the delivery end and the customers who have asked for couriers. AuthorcodeIndia has assisted many players with their Online Courier Management Services in India. Logistics software generates keywords specific to each package and this makes sure that the right package is delivered to the right customer.

The assistance by AuthorcodeIndia in the Logistics ERP Software allows you to calculate the precise time through proper inputs and outputs. Online Courier Management System can understand and track the couriers or deliveries purely through the code mentioned with the courier rather than piling up multiple details which turns out to be very difficult to analyze.

Courier Software

We have wide range of products. Some of them are-


  • Booking and e-Doc print
  • Incoming Manifest
  • Outgoing Manifest
  • Tracking
  • POD Entry for Delivery


  • Customer Billing
  • Agent billing
  • Transhipment billing
  • Invoice List
  • Unbilled Report
  • Slab Wise and Per Kg auto rates

Cloud Based Application

  • Centralized Data Base
  • Multiple Branch Login
  • Fastest Inscan And Outscan
  • 100 % Data Security
  • Live Tracking

Mobile APP

  • Booking With Mobile App
  • Inscan With Mobile App
  • Outscan With Mobile App
  • Delivery Entry
  • POD Image And Sign Upload

Live Track Customer Portal

  • Mis Report In Customer Portal
  • Invoice List
  • POD Image Show And Download
  • Pickup Request


  • Online Docket With Barcode
  • Barcode Stickers Print
  • Inscan With Barocde
  • Outscan With Barcode


  • Complete Customization
  • Customized Reports
  • Meeting Your Requirements
  • Customized Forms
  • Customized Dashboard