Customize CRM

Rapidly build custom objects from scratch or combine existing and custom objects into a brand new application or even perform code level customization. Leverage existing Authorcode CRM objects such as Contacts, Accounts, Cases, and Opportunities to build a new module. Create an unlimited number of custom fields and modules to build new applications, which interoperate seamlessly with all Authorcode CRM modules and crm platform tools.

Use simple drag-and-drop editors and formula builders to design dynamic solutions. Create custom fields, hide unused fields and customize to create calculated, dependent, and dynamic fields. Tailor the look of each Authorcode CRM screen. Define roles and control access for various users.


Authorcode CRM partners have developed hundreds of extensions, integrations, and custom applications for the Authorcode CRM platform. Explore commercial extensions on Authorcode CRMExchange. To build your own extensions, Authorcode CRM provides a library of no-cost standard APIs, available with all editions. And, since Authorcode CRM uses open web technologies and an open platform, there are literally millions of developers who can support you and help you build the solution you want

Flexible CRM Deployment Options :-

Authorcode CRM has the unique capability to run on Authorcode CRMCRM's cloud (Authorcode CRM On-Demand), on your own technology stack that you manage (Authorcode CRM On-Site), on public cloud or a Authorcode CRM partner cloud. Authorcode CRM’s database architecture makes it possible to move your data from one deployment option to another if your business needs change. Whatever your choice, with Authorcode CRM you're in control.

Deploy Deep Integrations :-

Send and receive files. Deliver digital assets in a secure environment. Share feedback in real time. Use GetLance Messages to communicate via text, chat, or video. Use our mobile app. Many features can be accessed on your mobile phone when on the go.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce :-

Provide field teams with customer data and other information across any device even without connectivity. Easily find and edit the information you need using a native Android and iOS client that is optimized for the device in your hand. Configure your mobile clients branding, distribution, local storage and security according to your specific business needs.

Go Global :-

Use Authorcode CRM throughout the world for your distributed workforce. Out of the box, Authorcode CRM supports 35 languages with 80 more available in language packs, so your global teams can work in virtually any preferred language. Authorcode CRM’s cloud options span five continents, or deploy Authorcode CRM anywhere on your own technology stack. Choose from our strong network of global partners and work with a local partner or partner that suits your business needs.