P.O.D. Mobile

Deliver packages faster and collect signatures more easily with our P.O.D. Mobile. It runs on wireless handheld devices, the iPhone, the iPad, and any tablet with the Google Chrome deliveries.

Features and Benefits :-
  • Scan package bar codes
  • Get signatures right on the phone screen – no stylus pen needed!
  • Your customers see updates online in real time
  • Our software will automatically updates the deliveries.

When you download the app and log in, delivery data from your system is available on the phone instantly. Send delivery tasks to the phone for drivers to select and view the details and route map. When drivers arrive at the destination, they scan the bar codes on the package labels, and collect the signature from the consignee right on the smart phone screen. The app connects with our software database to update the status of the delivery tasks. The POD Mobile app works with all our logistics products.

Online Payments

With our Online Payments, your customers can pay their invoices online by credit card or by e-check (electronic bank check, also called ACH).

It's convenient for your customers: they can make payments 24/7, worldwide.

It's faster for you: Receive payments online faster than waiting for checks in the mail. Benefits of having payment transactions posted directly into our software

  • Knowing which customers have payments due by running a quick report
  • Easier Bank Reconciliations because the deposits in your system will match the deposits in the bank statement.

Bar coding

Use the Bar Coding Plug-In with bar code scanners to validate a packing list in a shipment, to load items into a shipment, or to scan part numbers when you receive inventory. The Bar Coding Plug-In works with a barcode scanner connected directly to the PC using a USB or a PS/2 port.

Validate Packing Lists :-

After items are loaded into a shipment, verify the packing list by scanning each item. The validation process will show any items that do not belong in the shipment, ensuring accurate and complete shipments.

Load Items :-

You can load items into Shipments and Cargo Releases by scanning the barcode on the Warehouse Receipt document, or by clicking on the "Scan" button in the Shipment wizard and scanning the tracking number on the boxes' receiving labels. This is especially useful for couriers who create small parcel shipments.

Receive Items :-

If you are receiving items by Part Number when you create a Warehouse Receipt, you can scan the label of each item and the information about that item will load into the Warehouse Receipt. No retyping of data each time the item arrives.

Live Track for Mobiles

Give your customers online access to Pickup Orders, Booking, Forwarding and Invoices at their convenience, 24 hours a day, with Live Track

The LiveTrack application provides real-time status of inventory, shipments, and more. The status can be viewed by your customers as you enter it. Our Software update Proof of Delivery and shipment status instantly as events happen. This information is available to customers automatically – you do not have to enter the updates manually. It also provide Online Booking system.

Customer Portal

This is the feature by which you can give software access to your customers. So they can see the MIS and Invoicing history. They can also download the Proof of Delivery receipt and much more. It will not interrupt you work.


This is plugins by which you can provide the delivery updating by SMS. Booking , forwarding and delivery sms can avail the customer s time to time what is happing with their customers. It also provide facility to update delivery directly in the software so u can get correct time and date of the delivered shipment.