Co-loading is the equivalent of ride sharing for freight transportation. It is the consolidation of shipments across multiple companies on the same transportation vehicles. Companies can consolidate truckload (TL) with less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, or multiple LTL shipments together, or multiple TLs together to make co-loaded shipments

Co-loading makes sense for shipments that are handled in the same way. For example they are all palletized and are transported using the same type of trucks, such as dry vans. Also from the shipment size perspective, the sweet spot for co-loading are larger LTL shipments and smaller truckload shipments so we can mix them together. From the geographical standpoint, shipments that have origins and destinations that are in a close proximity have a higher potential for co-loading. From an industry perspective, it is easier to co-load shipments that are in the same industry, but that is not a requirement.

Cargo and Logistics Software

We have wide range of products. Some of them are-

Operation Control

  • Document series control and allocation
  • Docket Booking, Edit and Cancellation
  • E-Doc print with QR Code and Barocde
  • Docket Quick entry, financial completion
  • Trip Hire Contract for market, attached, own
  • Pickup and Delivery Runsheet
  • Unloading and Vehicle Unloading Sheet


  • Customer group wise billing
  • Bill types: Freight, Demurrage,
  • Bill cycle management: generation, submission and collection
  • Multiple locations billing: generate at location A, submit at B and collect at C
  • Accounts Receivable age analysis
  • Credit limit enforcement

Cloud Based Application

  • Centralized Data Base
  • Multiple Branch Login
  • Fastest Inscan And Outscan
  • 100 % Data Security
  • Live Tracking

Mobile APP

  • Booking With Mobile App
  • Inscan With Mobile App
  • Outscan With Mobile App
  • Delivery Entry
  • POD Image And Sign Upload

Live Track Customer Portal

  • Mis Report In Customer Portal
  • Invoice List
  • POD Image Show And Download
  • Pickup Request


  • Online Docket With Barcode
  • Barcode Stickers Print
  • Inscan With Barocde
  • Outscan With Barcode

Eway Bill Module

  • Auto Eway Bill Generate (Part A)
  • Auto Eway Bill Updating (Part B)
  • Extend Eway Bill Date
  • Cancel Eway Bill
  • Print Eway Bill

Track N Trace

  • Docket tracking- quick and detailed
  • Docket life cycle progress
  • Customer invoice/PO number based tracking
  • Drill down tracking: THC to Manifest to Docket
  • Tracking of past transactions
  • Mobile based tracking
  • POD scanning

Vehicle Management

  • Trip Slip generation
  • Fuel calculation
  • Driver amount settlements
  • Own, Hire and Transport vehicle calculations